Allyson Shields, LPCA

Allyson Shields

As a therapist I seek to guide, encourage and assist women and children through difficult or uncertain times in their lives. Clients should expect there to be freedom and openness in a safe environment. It is my desire that those who enter into the counseling relationship should also find keys to understanding themselves and skills to cope with the various issues that may bring them there. Counseling is a helping relationship. It is a place where trust and mutual respect abide. It is also a place for goal setting and moving forward.

I have experience working with women as it relates to relationships, parenting and career guidance. Women in our society wear many hats. Recognizing and establishing boundaries is very important. I also enjoy working with couples who are struggling in their relationships. There is hope that you can have and get the love that you need.

I have a particular interest in assisting families as they move through separation and divorce. Separation and divorce doesn’t just involve the marital relationship. Many relationships are involved. Navigating through this web of interpersonal relationships can be daunting in the wake of a breakup. Offering support and guidance as each member of the family works through all of these difficult transitions, is an honor for me.

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